Get the most out of your reservation space with Ancient Oaks Cultural Center’s amenities! There is nothing better than having the extra little add-ons conveniently made available. Upon request, when you stay or reserve a meeting space with us, you can look forward to having access to our pool, audio and video equipment setup, commercial kitchen and dining hall.


In Texas, everyone knows to expect hot temperatures for a majority of the year! Ancient Oaks Cultural Center is pleased to help our guests cool off from the heat with our outdoor community pool. So splash around and have fun swimming the day away. This amenity is without a doubt one of our guests’ most favorite and we are sure you will agree!

Pool at Ancient Oaks Cultural Center
Audio and Visual Equipment Ancient Oaks Cultural Center

Audio & Video Equipment

Over the years, we have found that our guests who reserve our professional learning spaces are enthused to discover we have appropriate audio and video configurations available for them. When they host a seminar here, they are thrilled to discover they can use our provided microphone and speaker equipment, in addition to our HDMI hook-up and monitor. Part of our responsibility at Ancient Oaks is to help facilitators and educators connect and reach their audience with ease, and with accessible audio and video equipment, it’s easier than ever.

Commercial Kitchen

Are you planning a conference and need a large kitchen to prepare your organization’s meals? Ancient Oaks Cultural Center offers access to our commercial kitchen that is fully equipped for bulk food preparation. From vast refrigeration storage to multiple industrial stoves, our commercial kitchen is quite impressive to caterers preparing your meals. Not to mention – if you are a culinary chef looking to host a class or rent a commercial kitchen, look no further!

Commercial Kitchen at Ancient Oaks Cultural Center
Dining Hall at Ancient Oaks Cultural Center

Dining Hall

Large retreats and camps are fun but are far more enjoyable when you have a communal space to share meals together! We offer a grand dining hall that can comfortably accommodate up to 95 people in our Grill. Our guests have thoroughly appreciated having a place to spend quality time with each other and relish in a tasty meal, and we are certain you and your group will too!


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